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A Kingdom in a bottle?...

What is the Kingdom that all the Good News is about? Bottles from the Springs... 10/27/19 The 12 Springs Family has been considering how to get the most out of that collection of spiritual writings we call the Bible. Every Monday night for the past few weeks we have gotten together to consider how to best do this. The Bible seems to be like a small library or collection of writings. This past week we were reading Luke, the Gospel or Good News about Jesus Christ. But the message Jesus claimed to preaching or announcing was that of the Kingdom of God. So we asked each other to come up with an answer from the text as to what exactly was this Kingdom? Luke 16:16 seems to be one of these definitions about the Kingdom. 16 “The Law and the Prophets were proclaimed until John. Since that time, the good news of the kingdom of God is being preached, and everyone is forcing their way into it. So everybody listening to first, John the Baptist, and then Jesus, were listening and expecting some news, some word about God's Kingdom and they heard Jesus say: Luke 17 20Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, 21nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.” c As we read through Luke we see that Jesus is speaking about a Kingdom that is not made by human labor and seems to be centered more around Jesus and Jesus' people-his followers-than was being raised by the Romans in the 1st century AD, or by any political empire in history. So not a political enterprise but a relational social construct based on the presence of Jesus in the midst of the people hearing and receiving Him. So if we in the 21st century were to say, where is the Kingdom Of God here and now, I would have to say, seek out the present day followers of Jesus Christ and you might just find out where God is working today! Where are God's people? There is a spiritual reality based on more than just an individual spirituality. It takes 2 or 3 or more together in agreement to find the reality of which you might find God's Kingdom in the here and now. But one might ask, what does that even look like? In Luke we find Jesus describing what would happen in that Kingdom by telling stories or parables. These stories basically speak to how the new Kingdom will be different than the present socio-political realities (how life runs now). “You know how this works in the world of today, but I say that in God's Kingdom, This is how it's done!” and then Jesus tells how things will be different. To see how different, read those stories or parables.

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