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Are your bottles stuck in a rut?

Are your Bottles stuck in a rut? Bottles from the Springs... As the New Year rolls out this writer stumbled upon Hebrews! Actually there is a book in the Holy library we call the Bible that was written to Jewish readers, scattered in a situation called the Scattering, or Diaspora! So one early Christian writer who most likely was Jewish wrote to this group of scattered Jesus-followers who were also Jewish and as well some of these Jewish followers were having a positive impact on their non-Jewish neighbors who were also becoming followers of Jesus! So we find in this letter this paragraph: …11No discipline seems enjoyable at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it yields a peaceful harvest of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. 12Therefore strengthen your limp hands and weak knees. 13Make straight paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be debilitated, but rather healed.… So I was reading this and thinking about some people close to me who I was concerned about, and myself as well! We seemed to be stuck in ruts, in situations where we desired not to be but did not see any way around that place and were settling in for long haul! That is we were giving up, giving in... And here is this writer in the first century saying to us as we face this artificial time description called a New Year and this writer is saying that it is not God's desire for us to give in and give up to anything that stands in our way towards what God has for us! If we find a barrier to moving forward we should make paths-remove obstacles-take action! Get close to Jesus and find His Heart for you, His desires, and then do what you have to do to move towards doing that! And what if the obstacle is so great in your life that you are handcuffed, handicapped, unable to lift that burden away from you? Well the goal is to strengthen yourself, exercise, get to the place of health, as much as possible, and then when you cannot do more, ask God for Healing! Ask God to do for you what you cannot do and expect Him to do that for you or take action to get done what ever God desires to do about it! This could take many shapes! God is not limited only we are! Look at what Jesus did, specifically about healing when He was limited and locked into time and space. When he was healing folks, he actually did different things to heal them. Some he spoke a word, some he made mud and touched the eyes with it for a blind person. Some he just sent home or asked them to give praise or evidence that God had worked healing in and for them. And that was already something in the Hebrew bible already written for people to do! If God has healed you from leprosy, you were supposed to say something to the priests about that fact and let them verify that it happened! So What is our “take away”? Don't remain inactive in your “rut”! Take action to move towards God first, find out what you can do and do it! Can you seek medical action, do so. Can you ask for help somehow, do so! Can you solve your own problem, eat less or eat something healthy or exercise! We are not designed to sit on our rears physically! Human beings do better if we get up and walk more than if we sit down-and I saw that in my Doctor's office! But I also see it here in Hebrews! Hebrew 12:12 and it may be referring to Isaiah 35:3-5. And if you see someone who may be stuck in a rut, see if you can help them out as well as you are able, Okay and if you don't know how to, ask this writer (Steve Cornell) or Ryan, our pastor or Anthony Gullo, our Co-pastor or anyone in our fellowship you perceive to be heading in a God-ward way! So because we love you and God loves you, this year, I know you should not stay stuck in some rut. Take action towards God and others. Get close to God and other believers and seek healing for yourself and others-and finally, the passage in Hebrews is using the picture of physical discipline-exercise! Actual physical therapy or taking some action to heal the hurt part of your body. If that is what you think you need to do, remember to find a healthy way to do so, but also, please Do Something! And remember, we tell you this because you are loved! And Happy New Year!

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