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Farewell in a bottle-Bottles from the Springs

Sunday, Anthony Gullo grabbed the mike and in his amazingly (Or should I say in God's amazing way) showed us the necessity of opening our desires and loves to first God, and then each other to operate within God's Kingdom.

But one point he made reverberates even afterward for this writer because he mentions just how our God raises up within a gathering of God's saints-ah but then you probably will say, “Oh, I'm no saint...”

and then, I would just have to give the Bible it's due and say, “Well, God calls us all saints who follow Jesus!” And Anthony G. mentioned “five-fold” ministry because Paul gives the insight in Ephesians 4:

7-16 that one thing God does is pour out His vitamins into the Body of Christ (another Bible term for Church) which are people and then Paul lists 5 types of ways we get to serve Him by serving each other!

Still I also am convinced that it is not just Apostles (church-planters), Prophets (people who go out and say what God is saying in the world as well as what God is doing in Time and Space), Evangelists (people who explain to non-saints the gospel), Pastors (God's people helpers in a physical package), and Teachers (because church people don't know everything yet) who help us as believers become all we are meant to be but, everybody in following Jesus is called to do some part of getting God's work done in God's world!

What have you been called to do? It's an important question-but just as important is everything you will do in the next 24 hours! Because God is wanting you to be his Hands and Feet tonight and tomorrow! He cares not as much HOW you celebrate communion as that you BE His community in the non-believing world around you. This is why we celebrate people like Anthony and Grace! Everything a saint does, even if that's going away, is a sacrament in God's eyes.

Want to discuss further? I will be here in my Non-Office at the end of this blog, happily waiting a chance to discuss God stuff which I consider extremely fascinating in all ways at all times and always knowing that God is always bigger than my concept of Him-which is why I am so glad for revelation.

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