Pastor Ryan and Elizabeth McBride

and their boys.

Ryan McBride - a brief interview:


What is your 9 - 5?

I am Lead Pastor of 12 Springs Church and part owner of SRQ Pressure Cleaning, LLC

What kind of education and experience do you have?

  • BS in Biology – James Madison University – 1999.

       Master of Arts in Theology – Fuller Theological Seminary –         2008.

  • 10 years as a Youth and Associate Pastor in three different churches.


What makes you tick?

  • My wife of 17 years and my 4 boys – 12, 10, 8, and 5.

  • Making the world different, i.e. better. Injustices make me angry. God is just, the world should be too and we are his mechanism.

  • Passion - I want to be around passionate people and doing something about which I am passionate.

  • Reading theology books, studying the Bible and discussing my questions with my wife and anyone else who wants to talk.

  • Fixing and building stuff.

  • Serving in the community.

  • Board games with my boys.

  • Doing anything out doors.


What’s on your playlist?

  • David Crowder

  • Avett Brothers

  • 21 Pilots

  • Muddy Waters

  • U2

  • Anything from the 90s.


What's on your Hulu/Netflix cache?

  • Badlands

  • History Documentaries (even the boring ones)

  • Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

  • Rogue One




Parker Thurman - a brief interview

What is your 9-5?

I am the Liaison Director to the Americas for Youth For Christ International


What kind of education and experience do you have?

  • Business and economics at Virginia Military Institute.

  • Ministry Credentials through Youth For Christ. 


What makes you tick?

  • I love playing with my kids and going on adventures with my wife.

  • I love anything to do with water, the woods and the mountains; especially riding waves, boating, kayaking, snowboarding and hiking trails.

  • I always have to know what’s around the next corner.  My passion is helping pioneer new ministries to reach people far from God and to help people reach their God given potential. 


What's on your playlist?

  • Hillsong United, Housefires, Mat Mchugh, anything that makes you feel something. 


What's on your Hulu/Netflix cache?

  • Blacklist,

  • Parks and Rec

  • Arrested Developmet

  • The Goldbergs

  • Brooklyn 99

  • Seinfield